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We have a specialized team of experts to execute allied works such as laying of cables in Optical Fiber Cable Trench.

Phoenix infrastructures
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Phoenix infrastructures
OFC splicing and blowing
Phoenix infrastructures
Optic Fiber cable trenching
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The vision of the company is to work on specialized infrastructure projects in Oil & Gas pipeline construction,Telecom Networks,and Water Sewage etc to make all customers Satisfied
Provided Innovative services to our clients: Global Engineering Adhithya Builders M2 Constructions H Mohammed&Sons Jolly&Sons Panasia Builders paper help Southern Electricals L&T.


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contracting company that was started in 2016. We work on various specialized infrastructure projects such as,

  • Oil and Gas pipeline construction
  • Telecom Network Cable Laying
  • Water and Sewage pipe pushing and jacking.

In the short period since our inception, Phoenix Infrastructures has done a great extent of work and now stands as the leading company to provide trenchless technology in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in South India. We have our own latest machinery for carrying out various types of installations for the oil &gas industry, water and sewage projects, telecom industry and electrical line laying using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). We have also had enormous growth with numerous satisfied customers as pipe boring contractors (ofc splicing) and stand out in the industry for employing people with specific skill sets like trench lift drilling using concrete drilling machines. Our core strength is our commitment to continue providing services that enhance and optimize our customer’s performance.

Our Team

Team of Experts

The Founder of the Company is Mr Shaiju, an entrepreneur, from a reputed business family. Phoenix Infrastructures is efficiently managed by a team of experienced professionals and administrators.


Our Journey so far:

Phoenix Infrastructures set up shop in 2016.  Immediately following this, we experienced impressive growth with our team working on multiple HDD and trenchless drilling projects across India. We started with Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) cable laying, providing services for Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) and soon branched into OFC laying manual trenching, OFC jointing (Splicing), pipe pushing, chamber installing, built mobile tower OFC cable pulling (Blowing). Today Phoenix Infrastructures has evolved from a modest enterprise, to become an organization with immense growth and professional engineering facility. We now have multiple teams working on various HDD cable laying, OFC splicing and trenchless drilling projects across various parts of India and are currently looking to expand across the globe.
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